Annual Audit & Agency Reporting

This page has been created to answer questions on the procedure to report to POST Annual Training Hours. If you have further questions please send an email to


It is time once again for each agency to report annual training to POST for all peace officers and dispatchers for the time period 7/1/2013 to 6/30/2014. You are receiving this email because you have training coordinator access to the POST Acadis Portal, have been listed as a point of contact in the past with your agency, or are an agency administrator. If this email does not pertain to you, please forward to the appropriate person within your agency.

The deadline for agencies to report training and verify employment for the fiscal year is July 31st, 2014. Per Utah Code (53-6-202) all active peace officers are required to complete 40 hours of certified training (POST dispatchers 20 hours). It is the agencies responsibility to certify the training and report to POST electronically no later than July 31st each year. On August 1st, all peace officers not in compliance, will have their certification suspended until the requirement is met.

We will continue the same process as previous years, reporting all hours online through the POST Acadis Portal. This portal has remained operational throughout the year, and training can be reported any time. Some agencies have opted to report incrementally or on a course by course basis to ease the administrative workload at the end of the fiscal year.

To assist in the process, we have set up a dedicated webpage to answer some common questions ( This page will be updated with additional documents, help guides, and forms. As always, you can send an email to or call 801-256-2300 and we can answer individual questions.

We look forward to this year's reporting and thank you for your participation.

Annual Employment Audit

Each year agencies are required by policy to reconcile with POST those who are certified with that agency. To assist in this audit process POST has the "POST Acadis Portal" allowing those authorized to view agency rosters and identify any discrepancies. Once a discrepancy is identified we ask that the agency submit electronically the "Change of Status" form or "Application For Certification" form to resolve the discrepancy.

Reporting of Annual Training Hours

Each year agencies are required by statute to report to POST a summary of training hours for each officer that was employed in the previous fiscal year. The deadline for agencies to report training and verify agency employment records for the fiscal year is July 31st. POST is continuing the process of reporting these electronically through the "POST Acadis Portal". For information how to complete this reporting, view the documents and forms section of this page for more instruction.

Documents & Forms

Agency Portal Access Authorization Form Agency Portal Access Authorization Form

Agency Training Hour Reporting Instructions Agency Training Hour Reporting Instructions

In-Service Training Requirement Waiver In-Service Training Requirement Waiver

Portal General Help Guide Portal General Help Guide