Brigham City - Police Officer I/II/III-Brigham City PD

Posted: 30-Aug-2016 Expires:01-Jan-2017

Davis County Sheriff's Office - Deputy Sheriff-Davis County Sheriff's Office

Posted: 21-Nov-2016 Expires:10-Dec-2016

Davis County Sheriff's Office - Deputy Sheriff I (Part-time)-Davis County Sheriff's Office

Posted: 11-Oct-2016 Expires:01-Jan-2017

Davis County Sheriff's Office- Correctional Officer I-Davis County Sheriff's Office

Posted: 27-Oct-2016 Expires:01-Jan-2017

Draper City - Police Officer I-Draper City PD

Posted: 30-Jun-2016 Expires:01-Jan-2017

Helper City PD - Police Officer-Helper City Police Department

Posted: 30-Nov-2016 Expires:01-Jan-2017

La Verkin City - Police Officer-La Verkin Police Department

Posted: 30-Aug-2016 Expires:01-Jan-2017

Lone Peak - Police Officer-Lone Peak PD

Posted: 16-Nov-2016 Expires:13-Dec-2016

Ogden City Constable's Office - Court Bailiff-Ogden City Constables Office

Posted: 11-Oct-2016 Expires:01-Jan-2017

Perry City - Police Officer I-Perry City Police Department

Posted: 10-Aug-2016 Expires:01-Jan-2017

Provo City Constables Office - Constable-Provo City Constables Office

Posted: 15-Aug-2016 Expires:01-Jan-2017

Saratoga Springs - Police Officer-Saratoga Springs Police Department

Posted: 01-Nov-2016 Expires:09-Dec-2016

Smithfield City - Patrol Officer-Smithfield City Police Department

Posted: 28-Nov-2016 Expires:13-Dec-2016

University of Utah Police - Police Officer-U of U Police Department

Posted: 26-Oct-2016 Expires:01-Jan-2017

Utah State University - Chief of Police-Utah State University PD

Posted: 16-Nov-2016 Expires:01-Jan-2017

Washington County - Correctional Officer-Trainee-Washington County Sheriff's Office

Posted: 29-Nov-2016 Expires:12-Dec-2016